Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Cesc Fabregas With One Last Effort

Cesc Fabregas

Desperate times call for similar measures, and Manchester United don’t have much of a choice but to up the ante in their goal to find a world class player to sign, turning back to Cesc Fabregas of Barcelona, hoping that somehow all the no they’ve heard previously will change into something a bit more positive due to the improved offer.

According to the Telegraph, United are going to send an improved offer of £40 million to Barcelona, who have been quite clear about the fact that Cesc Fabregas isn’t for sale when United launched their previous bid, the last of them coming at around £32 million.

It’s hard to say if United actually feel there’s something there, meaning Cesc Fabregas isn’t completely happy at Barcelona and might start to push for a move out if he gets benched once or twice in the early stages of the season (Barcelona will play two league matches and two Supercoppa matches in August), or is this just wishful thinking on United’s part, as they’re running out of ideas on who to sign in order to improve their midfield.

Just to clear things up – Fabregas might not be as important to the Barcelona system at the moment like Xavi or Andres Iniesta, but he’s played in 60 league matches since arriving at the Nou Camp, most of them as a starter, scoring 20 goals and adding 21 assists. While he’s been having his ups & downs over the last couple of seasons, he’s not exactly been doing badly at Barcelona, despite the negative hype that seems to come out at times.

United only have a few days before their first match of the new Premier League season. The Community shield match was another clear example of how their midfield problems haven’t gone away, and without some quality signing, won’t be leaving them for the entire season. Fabregas should be an adequate answer, but the problem is that their chances of actually getting him don’t seem too improved, even if they launch the impressive third bid.

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