Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Interested in Gareth Bale for Wayne Rooney Signing

Bale, Rooney

While it’s hard to believe that Manchester United have the money that Tottenham want for Gareth Bale, maybe a deal that involves cash and the want-away Wayne Rooney does have some resemblance to non-fiction events.

All the big media outlets (the respectable ones at least) are denying United have made an offer or Tottenham showing any interest in selling Bale, specifically to a team in the Premier League. And yet there is a rumor of Manchester United making a £50 million + Wayne Rooney bid in order to get Bale, who’ll no longer be the most expensive footballer in history if that actually happens.

It’s hard to say what’s going on with the Real Madrid offer, but it seems that Daniel Levy has had enough of Bale acting like a spoiled brat, calling him back from his vacation in Spain in order to report immediately for training. Bale was hoping that news of a deal coming to life between the sides were true, but for now, either Real Madrid are stalling with their offer or it just might be that they don’t have enough money.

And it’s also questionable if Rooney is willing to leave United for Tottenham. Everything pointed towards him wanting to play for either Chelsea or Arsenal, and no other Premier League club. Tottenham might be on their way up and enjoying a perfect start to the season, but they’re not in the Champions League, and probably won’t be able to afford the wages he makes right now for United, which Chelsea would have no problem paying for.

It’s hard to say where Bale’s head is at right now, but it’s surely not about succeeding with Tottenham after feeling like the opportunity of a lifetime is being snatched away from. United might be the needed placebo to take care of his problems. But Spurs wanted cash, and lots of it (€100 million) from Real Madrid. An offer of £50 million plus Wayne Rooney, who might be every bit as good as Bale is, just doesn’t seem to be something they’ll bite on.

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