Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Marouane Fellaini a Done Deal?

Marouane Fellaini

Every day brings with it a different central midfielder Manchester United might eventually sign before the start of the season. At the moment, it seems like their default option, Marouane Fellaini of Everton, is the closest thing to a sure thing they have.

According to reports in Belgium and especially their leading paper Het Laatste Nieuws, there’s very little that separates Manchester United and Everton regarding the price, which means that Fellaini will be wearing a United jersey next season.

The Belgian paper also proudly points out that all the top clubs in the Premier League, if Fellaini does indeed complete his transfer, will have at least on Belgian player on their squad, with Chelsea having three (Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku), Manchester with Vincent Kompany, Arsenal with Thomas Vermaelen and Tottenham have Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele and Nader Chadli.

In the meantime, Fellaini has been playing for Everton in their preseason tour, appearing 90 minutes in their Champions Cup tournament match against Valencia, losing 1-0. No official bids – not from Arsenal, not from Chelsea and not from United, have been made so far from the player, who made it clear last season that he expects this summer to entail a move to a bigger club at the end of it.

The problem for Fellaini is his price – he’s much more valuable to Everton than to other clubs, and they’re not letting go of him cheaply. Even if there is a release clause at around £25 million, teams, even the rich ones, are afraid of that price. Fellaini will be turning 26 next season, and despite being quite the impressive scorer when positioned in a more attacking spot on the field, there are too many flaws in his game that make him a guaranteed hit on a big club.

David Moyes is probably pushing for the signing, and according to the Belgian reports, he might have the board finally convinced to allow him and complete the deal, while better players aren’t arriving, be it for their clubs not selling them or simply not really wanting to play for United.

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