Manchester United Transfer Rumors – Mesut Ozil is Their Next Potential Signing

Mesut Ozil

It’s always hard to tell whether a transfer rumors is genuine or simply completely made up. In the case of the most recent one involving Manchester United, Real Madrid and Mesut Ozil, we’re inclined to lean towards the latter.

According to reports in Spain and specifically Siro Lopez Manchester United are interested in the German midfielder. Being interested in a Real Madrid player isn’t a new thing, but what makes them confident he’ll actually join them? According to Lopez, Ozil feels that the Real Madrid attacking midfield might be getting a little bit crowded, and that’s even before Gareth Bale’s arrival, if that’s actually going to happen.

From the preseason matches we’ve been seeing Ozil isn’t going to be left out by Ancelotti. He might be playing in a different position than what he’s been used to under Mourinho, but it’s hard to believe a player of his talents, which is an attacking midfielder, a creative one, who can also operate from the wing, which is something Ancelotti loves to do, won’t be a very important player for the new Real Madrid manager once the season officially begins.

How much would Ozil cost? According to Lopez, it would cost around £40 million for Manchester United to be in business for the player, who cost Real Madrid only £15.8 million in 2010 when they signed him from Werder Bremen. Ozil, according to this theory, is going to be distraught with the situation at Real Madrid considering the amount of player stacking the midfield, and will try and push for an exit once that transfer come.

There’s no doubt Ozil is good enough to start for United, but he might not be the player they actually need. The central midfield position seems to be of a more vital need at the moment, and both Ozil and Shinji Kagawa can play in a more retreated role, although not perform it as well as they do other things.

And then there’s the question of Kagawa and Ozil. It’s quite clear there are big plans for the Japanese midfielder to be a very big part of United’s success for years to come, and it’s not easy thinking about him and Ozil in the same lineup, as United aren’t a team that neglect having “classic” wingers playing for them, something both Ozil and Kagawa aren’t.

While this could be the deal that Moyes needs to get critics off his back, it’s going to be very surprising if it actually happens.

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