Manchester United – Trying to Blackmail Their Fans


The disappointing season and especially the most recent result against Olympiacos isn’t generating a lot of enthusiasm among Manchester United fans to attend the second leg at Old Trafford. However, the club is using some dirty tactics in order to ensure its payday by threatening season ticket holders that they won’t be able to get in to the derby match against Manchester City if they skip on the Champions League match.

Manchester United have an ACS, Automatic Cup Scheme plan for season ticket holders, declaring the following: Under the T&Cs of the ACS fans purchasing a season ticket must also agree to buy tickets for any home FA Cup and Champions League games. Fans can opt out of the League Cup but this may harm applications for away tickets and cup finals.

In short, the club has been sending e-mails to fans, reminding them that the deadline to purchase Champions League tickets to the Olympiacos match is February 26 (we’re beyond that already), and failing to purchase a ticket will result in being barred entrance to the derby, a match season ticket holders have paid for.


According to the The, digging a bit deeper into this emerging scandal, It appears fans have missed payments or cancelled direct debits/credit cards which means funds cannot be taken. This seems to be the club’s attempt to secure payment.

Photo via Twitter