Marco Reus – Not Everyone Wants to Leave Dortmund for Bayern Munich

Marco Reus

Update: The quote about Lewandowski and Gotze has been confirmed as fake by the Dortmund spokesperson.

Last summer Mario Gotze left Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich for €37 million, leaving a lot of angry people behind him. Robert Lewandowski has taken the same route, for free, but will join his new team next season. Marco Reus, the biggest star of Die Schwarzgelben, has no plans to take the same route.

There hasn’t been any reported or rumored interest from Bayern at Reus. I mean, how many attacking midfielders does one team need? However, Manchester United have been showing quite a lot of interest in someone who is arguably the best German player at the moment. Reus, like his teammate Kuba, who has refused to pay raise because he feels he is earning enough, doesn’t think money is the ultimate goal.

I wish luck to Lewa and Gotze, but Bayern will never have me. Money is not everything.

One might argue that Lewandowski and Gotze didn’t leave Dortmund for money. They simply read the map right, noticed the direction the wind was blowing and made a decision to join the winning side. Last season Bayern Munich were close to unbeatable, and it didn’t seem like something that was going to change. Dortmund did win the two previous league titles, but there’s something about the Bayern allure, not to mention the money they can pay, that gets to most players in the Bundesliga.

Reus, 24, has been having a cracking season so far. He has scored 12 goals in all competitions for Dortmund, struggling to keep up the pace with Bayern and suffering (things are improving now with the Winter break) from a long list of defensive injuries that have cost the team ground in the title race (if there even is one anymore) and almost the place in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

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