Mario Balotelli With the Most Important Goal for AC Milan This Season

Mario Balotelli

The only way up since Clarence Seedorf took over as the manager of AC Milan, but it’s more than just his managerial skills that are going to save the season for this giant club, struggling in the middle of the table up to this point. Mario Balotelli hitting what might be the best goal this season in the Serie A falls under the definition of special.

It was a frustrating week for Balotelli, who couldn’t hide the tears after being taken off the field in the away loss at Napoli. It’s hard to say what exactly made him so emotional – finding out he’s a father, the racial abuse, or simply losing and being taken off the pitch. It didn’t matter. He was once again lacking focus and concentration in the 1-0 win over Bologna, which looked like it was going to be another disappointing finish for Milan, who have gotten used to them this season.

But in the 86th minute he lifted his right foot and launched a rocket of a shot into Gianluca Curci net, unstoppable from the moment it started moving towards goal. It gave Milan their third win in five matches under Seedorf, and suddenly making it into a European competition doesn’t sound so impossible.

I don’t like this Milan side. Once upon a time it was a squad made up of champions who would help the team and now it doesn’t seem to me to be like this anymore. I would like to coach a player like Balotelli. He has the makings of the champion, but to become a real champion he needs other things as well.

Bologna’s manager, Davide Ballardini, has other things to worry about than Balotelli’s teammates and Milan’s star power. His team is struggling to stay out of the relegation zone. Milan, through all of their problems in the first half and more of the season, are now only four points behind a place that leads to Europe, and seem to have momentum on their side.

Yes, this was another home match in which they looked a bit slow on the attacking side, struggling to create chances out of their domination in possession. But the trio of Honda, Kaka and Taarabt should start getting more comfortable with a bit more time together, and start giving Balotelli the support he needs and deserves in order to make this season about more than mediocrity and disappointment for both him and the Rossoneri .