Match Highlights – Arsenal vs Manchester City

Arsenal beat Manchester City

The Community Shield isn’t much more than an upgraded preseason friendly, but it certainly tastes like the beginning of the season, which should be very encouraging for Arsenal, picking up a trophy through an impressive 3-0 win over Manchester City. Santi Cazorla, the fantastic Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud scored the goals.

Wembley seems to be quite welcoming to Arsenal over the last few months. It hasn’t been long since they won the FA Cup, and now the Community Shield with an impressive first half display against the defending champions, who have hardly made any adjustments in the summer, and look like a team that’s not quite ready to start the new season, or simply not taking this match too seriously.

Cazrola opened the scoring in the 21st minute, as Yaya Sanogo was involved with the assist, although most of the work was done by the Spaniard who some suggested might be heading elsewhere this summer. He dragged the ball well to his left before taking a shot into the opposite corner from the edge of the box. Willy Caballero, making his first professional game in England, didn’t react quickly enough.

Alexis Sanchez didn’t touch the ball much, but every time he was involved something special happened. In the 42nd minute he sent a wonderful ball to Yaya Sanogo, who needed just one touch to find a wide open Aaron Ramsey to make it 2-0. Sanogo developing over the summer and getting some experience last season might mean Arsenal have more than just one striker to rely on. Ramsey, with or without Mesut Ozil, is the most important player on the Gunners squad.

The third goal came from Giroud, coming on at halftime for Sanogo. The French striker didn’t really make an impact for most of the minutes he was on, but one touch was eonguh with a long range goal that Caballero should have handled much better, giving Arsenal the lead in the 60th minute.

The second half, after plenty of changes, made Manchester City look much more dangerous. However, Wojciech Szczesny, ready for some competition for the starting position this season, looked sharp and quick on his feet, helping Arsenal avoid any embarrassing collapse despite not playing well through the second half.

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