Match Highlights – Manchester United vs Liverpool

Liverpool beat Manchester United

One of the more interesting things about the 3-0 win for Liverpool at the Old Trafford over Manchester United was that they didn’t play all that well and were probably deserving of at least one more penalty kick, with Steven Gerrard converting two of them (and missing one), getting help from Luis Suarez to make it an official humiliating result.

Manchester United played with their most attacking lineup but didn’t press or look better at any stage of the match, getting only one actual shot at goal. Liverpool got most of their chances in the very end with Manchester United left with 10 men, broken and shattered, but dominated, pressed and looked suprioer throughout the 90 minutes.

Raheem Sterling started for Liverpool as an attacking midfielder, creating a very strong middle that Manchester United, once again with Juan Mata wasted on the wing, simply couldn’t handle. Their defense? They’ve looked worse against far inferior striker duos.

Early penalty? We don’t want penalty kicks given for such soft touches, similar to the one Marouane Fellaini made to trouble Luis Suarez. However, in a match filled with penalty shouts, there are referees who would have given yet another penalty to Liverpool.

A penalty did come when Rafael used his hand, on purpose, to stop Luis Suarez from getting by him in the box. For some reason, he wasn’t booked for a second time, probably because Calttenburg felt slightly sorry for Manchester United. Gerrard converted from the penalty spot, but was later booked for a strong aerial challenge on Fellaini. Clattenburg wasn’t going to call it a foul, but because Fellaini was bleeding, he changed his mind.

Clattenburg didn’t feel sorry for Manchester United early in the second half, as Phil Jones clipped Joe Allen from behind, giving Liverpool a second penalty kick at the Old Trafford with Gerrard converting from the spot once again. Glen Johnson touched the ball, on accident but still a clear touch, with his hand a few minutes later, but no penalty was called.

Manchester United finally created a real chance in the 74th minute, but Robin van Persie, completely alone, headed an easy ball from six yards well wide of the Liverpool goal. The changers Manchester United made immediatly after – Fellaini and Januzaj off, Cleverley and Welbeck in, didn’t really make a difference. Van Persie missed from close range once again after 10 minutes, summing up his awful performance.

Mark Calttenburg made another mistake, giving Liverpool a third penalty after a clear Daniel Sturridge dive which also got Nemanja Vidic sent off. Gerrard, bleeding at the time, missed, hitting the post while sending De Gea to the wrong side. Seconds later Sturridge was actually clipped in the box by Michael Carrick, but this time Clattenburg didn’t call for a penalty. Liverpool kept on pressing, and Luis Suarez missed a great opportunity due to a wonderful save by De Gea.

But then again, justice was made: Luis Suarez made the most of a bad Daniel Sturridge shot, and while onside found himself once again in front of De Gea, scoring the third and deserved Liverpool goal.

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