Matthias Schlitte, Arm Wrestling Champion With Different Sized Arms

Matthias Schlitte

It takes something special for someone to be an arm wrestling champion and get noticed by more than just those who follow that niche sport. You might say Matthias Schlitte, with numerous titles but especially a right arm that is 33% larger than his left, has what it takes to stand out.

Nicknames ‘Hellboy’ was the vice champion of the Nemiroff World Cup that took place in Poland. He has a number of German championship and Gran Prix titles. However, the size of his arm which reminds many of Popeye’s “problem” once he ate spinach is the first thing anyone notices and probably remembers about him.

The 27 year old is much smaller than most of his competitors: He weight only 140 pounds. However, that right arm has turned him from a laughing stock into a champion locally and internationally, not to mention a media phenomenon in Germany and something of a commercial star.

It’s all possible thanks to a rare genetic defect which caused his right arm to be so much bigger than his left. He wasn’t planning on becoming a star in the world of Arm Wrestling, but it turns out someone made that choice for him.

Everyone has a challenge in life. I’m not a religious guy or anything but this was a gift from a higher power and this was my calling in life.

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