Mattias Ciabatti With the Impossible 2 Yard Punt

When you’re terrible, everything goes wrong, so it’s no surprise that even the punting for South Florida as they underwent a demolition by Miami was atrocious, including a 2-yard punt by Mattias Ciabatti.

There wasn’t much South Florida were able to do throughout the game, or at least not until Miami had a 49-7 lead and then eased off, allowing the Bulls to score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and make their loss look a bit more respectable (49-21). Their lowest moment? Ciabatti going only two yards forward.

In another 3-and-out drive for South Florida, pushed to their own 11, Ciabatti, who ended up punting 7 times during the awful performance, making it four consecutive losses for South Florida since the beginning of the season, made it only two yards forward as his punt simply made a lot of height, but not a lot of distance.

Miami, with the win, have improved to 4-0 this season, and if the cards fall right for them in terms of ranked teams losing, they might find themselves in the top 10 of the AP Poll for the first time in a very long while.