Maxi Rodriguez Nutmegs Jean Rolt Three Times in a Row

Although Gremio beating Nautico 2-0 in the Brasileiro on its own isn’t that worthy of attention, the fact that Maxi Rodriguez, a relatively unknown Uruguayan midfielder, managed to nutmeg defender Jean Rolt three times in a row before being cynically stopped, is.

There wasn’t a lot of doubt as to the identity of the winner in this one. The club from Porto Alegre are in the mix for the championship in Brazil, and ended up winning through goals form Hernan Barcos and Paulinho. With the win, they’re six points behind league leaders Cruzeiro, cemented in third place.

Nautico? They’re deal last, 14 points away from the place that is safe from relegation, and six points below the 19th place team, which means that their chances of survival, with only 9 points after 19 matches played, are slim to none at this stage.

Maxi Rodriguez

So the 22 year-old Uruguayan midfielder is brought on to the pitch in order to retain possession and waste some time. On the way, he decided to give his marker a little bit of humiliation, nutmegging the much older Jean Rolt between the legs two times in a matter of seconds.

Jean Rolt made sure that this hazing won’t continue, and when Rodriguez weaved the ball between the defender’s legs for a third time, Jean simply stopped him with a yellow-card worthy foul.

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