Mayweather vs Pacquaio: Weird Hair-Swapping Fun

Mayweather & Pacquiao Hair

While Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao continue to call each other out yet not come closer to agreeing on a fight between them, someone decided to have some fun and put the two together in a photograph and swap the hair situation of the fighters, with a hilarious result.

Any photo with Mayweather and Pacquiao in the picture together – be it in the ring or before a fight, is Photoshopped. We wish it wasn’t like that, but the two fighters have managed to be on a collision course with each other for almost seven years yet still constantly avoiding the moment of meeting.

Who is to blame? Most fingers are pointed at Mayweather, which makes sense considering the way he carries on with his business, and how important it is to him to remain undefeated, although 0 losses doesn’t mean anything in the long run. Almost all of the boxers regarded as the greatest of all-time have a loss under their belt. Mayweather, for ducking his greatest potential threat and rival, won’t deserve to be counted among them.

Manny Pacquiao has lost fights in his career. He has even been knocked out. It hasn’t stopped him from taking on difficult opponents. He had three very close fights with Marquez before losing to him. He lost to Timothy Bradley (in a terrible decision) and got in the ring with him again, destroying him, showing just how big of a mistake the first fight was on account of the judges scoring.

For now, all we have is this Internet fun, nothing more, in hope that the two camps finally agree on terms, which really shouldn’t be this difficult, but ego, more than anything, seems to be standing in the way.

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