Mayweather vs Pacquiao – King of Ducking Continues to Lie About Future Fight

One of the incredible things about Mayweather is his ability to shoot out lies or half truths from him mouth and seem completely disconnected from reality when talking about wanting to make the Pacquiao fight happen on May 2, something that Saul Alvarez, considering himself to be a big enough name to hold a boxing night completely on his own, might not be happy with, considering he’s going to fight on the same date as well.

Mayweather talks about Pacquiao losing to Marquez and Bradley. He talks about Pacquiao’s dwindling PPV numbers. He talks about the fight happening only on Showtime. He talks about wanting random blood and drug testing to even the playing field. Yet he forgets about so many things.

What? Pacquiao has agreed to the random drug testing a very long time ago. He also forgot to mention how his own PPV numbers have been dropping. With prices staying up but most of Mayweather’s fights not being the ones the fans choose to see – like taking on Marcos Maidana not once but twice, and three of his four fights under the Showtime banner have failed to reach 900,00 buys. Considering the amount of money he’s getting from them, it’s safe to say the investment in him hasn’t turned out to be as lucrative as initially believed.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Pacquiao and Bob Arum, the man Mayweather suggests is what’s really standing in the way of making this fight a reality, have been pushing for this fight to finally happen for the last month or so. Arum is discussing things with CBS in an attempt to make it a joint PPV venture between HBO (Pacquiao) and Showtime (Mayweather). This has happened in the past, when Floyd Mayweather and Lennox Lewis clashed in 2002.

It’s hard to believe Mayweather, especially with the way he continues to present things. He talks to the cameras like he’s still fighting for on the WWE circuit, and with what’s been happening in reality completely different from his version of the story. It’s more likely that this is just another attempt by Mayweather to influence public opinion and not make him seem like the bad guy, but if the strongest personality in boxing actually wants to make this fight happen for years, why hasn’t it happened?

The feeling over the last few weeks is that things are moving in the right direction. Mayweather might be pressed by Showtime to take this fight on. His PPV numbers haven’t been great and except for his clash with Canelo and maybe taking on Amir Khan or Miguel Cotto (For a second time), there’s no fight out there that presents a huge windfall in the box office without it being a major shift in weight for one of the contenders.

Mayweather as usual is worried about creating a smokescreen presenting him as the crusader for justice and fans happiness. In truth, this man is only worried about remaining undefeated and making a lot of money while keeping most of it for himself. A loss and more hasn’t hurt the careers of all-time greats, because they took on the best opponents out there. Mayweather, as rich and successful as he is, remains an easy figure to cast aside when talking about the truly great ones because of his stubbornness of avoiding Pacquiao for years while blatantly lying to the camera, presenting a separate, hard to believe reality.