Mehdi Carcela Punches Bjorn Ruytinx in The Face For Breaking His Ankle

Mehdi Carcela se venge sur Bjorn Ruytinx

The Belgian Pro League match between OHL and Standard Liege didn’t bring any goals, but instead saw two red cards, one to each side, with the one given to Mehdi Carcela for punching Bjorn Ruytinx in the face being the most memorable.

The match was quite steaming just before half time as Alessandro Cerigioni of OHL got sent off in the 41st minute. A few moments later, 33 year old Bjorn Ruytinx, who made a name for himself for being a brutal enforcer and had a kicking incident with De Ceulaer a week ago, tackled Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez of Standard quite harshly from behind. Ruytinx was booked but Carcela, clearly more than just bruised in the tackle, came back at Ruytinx and hit him with a punch to the face, resulting in a red card and a lengthy suspension.

However, the suspension won’t really matter – Carcela has either broken his ankle or possibly worse – torn his ligaments, which means more than 2 months off the pitch, and probably out for the season if his ligaments are hurt. Ruytinx was actually mocking and teasing Carcela after the foul. The announcers themselves and many others thought Carcela was exaggerating with the severity of the foul.

However, right after punching Ruytinx in the face, Carcela was taken to a hospital. It’s not that surprising considering the 33-year old Belgian player, who has been with OHL since 2004, is one of the most hated players in the Belgian league, and there are many who think he got what he deserved by being punched in the face.

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