10 Memes About Arsene Wenger & Arsenal Being Humiliated

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It was a rough day for anyone who is an Arsenal fan, but also for the manager Arsene Wenger and the players themselves. It’s bad enough to lose 6-0 to Chelsea while having the wrong player sent off. All the jokes and memes around the internet about it seem to be making it much worse.

Wenger was going into his 1000th game as Arsenal manager, hoping that finally, a tough away match against a title rival won’t end in tears and disappointment. Arsenal had one chance early on, but then collapsed.

A lot of it had to do with poor defending and goalkeeping, but the nightmare really went into extra gear once Andre Marriner went into action. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain stopped a goal with his hand, but it doesn’t seem like Marriner actually saw it touching his hand. He probably relied on his assistant who didn’t see the incident too well either, and actually listened to Chelsea players convincing him of what happened.

The problem? He sent off Kieran Gibbs instead, despite protest from Arsenal players and Chamberlain saying it’s him that touched the ball with his hand. Things didn’t go much better for Arsenal later on.

Jose Mourinho had himself another moment of besting Arsene Wenger, probably knocking him and his team out of the title race for good. All that’s left now for Wenger and his players is to hope the storm passes quickly, and something else will happen to a different team so their humiliating performance and probably ending to this season will be quickly forgotten.

Hat tip: Soccer Memes