16 Memes About Barcelona & Lionel Messi Losing to Atletico Madrid

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Every time Barcelona lose there’s a lot of noise, jokes and memes that follow, but it seems that getting knocked out by Atletico Madrid in the Champions League has broken some record, and Lionel Messi playing terribly for yet another time against the Colchonores didn’t make things better.

Yes, Barcelona had the famous possession stat on their side, but after playing Atletico Madrid five times, scoring twice and not winning any of the matches, it’s clear that there’s a problem for both the team in general and Lionel Messi specifically not being able to even breakout to get a chance against a team that marks him close to perfectly.

There wasn’t anything different in the fifth meeting between the teams. The usual Barcelona tactics and deployment, with the added sense of dread on defense with a backup goalkeeper and a defense looking even less confident than on a normal match. No striker, a right wing back that isn’t as he once used to be, and falling into every trap Atletico set for them.

And there was David Villa who didn’t score, but had quite a few chances to, and looked a lot more dangerous than anyone on the Barcelona team, a side that pretty much chucked him out for scraps at the end of last season, with some saying that his relationship with Messi being at the center of the departure.

Images via Soccer Memes and Football Jokes