11 Memes About Chelsea & Jose Mourinho Beating PSG in the Champions League

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A two goal deficit from the first leg didn’t stop Chelsea from beating PSG and going through to the Champions League semifinals, with Jose Mourinho picking up most of the credit from the press, while obviously generating a lot of meme and jokes in the process.

From the moment this season began, Mourinho seems to be the edge Chelsea have in the title race and the Champions League, although it might not help them eventually win anything at all. One might say that there’s nothing too genius about simply throwing strikers onto the pitch and hope for the best, but Laurent Blanc reacted badly to these changes, hence Mourinho gets the credit for his tactical nuance.

PSG were three minutes away from making it to the Semifinal of the competition for the first time since the mid 90’s, when it was a bit simpler getting that far. Once again, for a second consecutive season, they take the stage exit due to away goals, a rule that really does need to be put to rest, even if it means a few more matches that go to extra time and even penalties.

There’s been plenty of jokes about how PSG represent Petrol money and Chelsea…? Well, the thing is Chelsea became and oligarch/shiekh club before it was even trendy, so their fans feel as if they have the right to criticize others for being big money teams. They’re exactly the same, only started that process earlier.

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