10 Memes About Chelsea & Jose Mourinho Failure

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It was to be expected that Chelsea losing to Crystal Palace and moving further away from winning the Premier League this season would create plenty of memes and jokes revolving around John Terry scoring an own goal, Jose Mourinho lecturing a ball boy who tried to waste time and Fernando Torres not scoring once more in his miserable tenure at Stamford Bridge.

It seemed like Mourinho lecturing, or more likely threatening the ball boy grabbed most of the headlines. He didn’t make excuses for the loss – he admitted Crystal Palace were the better team and criticized his players, or some of them at least, for being soft and not consistent enough. But he also made a point about Chris Foy, blaming him for the loss at Aston Villa, and pretty much quitting on the title race in his latest and possibly last attempt to deploy some desperate mind games.

Fernando Torres didn’t score again, which makes you wonder how hard will it be for Chelsea to get rid of him in the summer, not to mention the usual comparisons between his numbers with Chelsea, continuously getting worse, when compared with what he did while at Liverpool, and how well Daniel Sturridge is doing there.

John Terry became the hero for Liverpool. Manchester City blew a big chance in a draw with Manchester City, which means that Liverpool can beat Spurs and take the top spot, but will still need Manchester City to mess up along the way. Chelsea? No longer have their destiny in their own hands, and the return of Jose Mourinho looks less and less triumphant by the minute.

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