11 Memes About Manchester United & David Moyes Not Losing to Bayern Munich

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It seems to come as quite a shock that Manchester United didn’t lose to Bayern Munich, which gave some of their fans some delusions about winning the Champions League this season, and a bit more credit to David Moyes, at least in the eyes of some, furthering and quieting the talks about him getting fired, while Phil Jones pulled off more interesting faces and the European champions disappointed a lot of people.

Very few people gave Manchester United a chance not just to reach the semifinals after the second leg, but to be actually left with a qualifying chance once the first leg, played at home, was over. But they parked the bus in the first half and didn’t make any mistakes, while Bayern dominated possession but failed to create quality opportunities from inside the box.

Manchester United scored first, but the defensive mistake did come eventually, as Marouane Fellaini lost track of Bastian Schweinsteiger, or was it Phil Jones who didn’t cover the shot in time? Fellaini was the reason for the now famous dog picture, with a journalist looking for breeds of dogs in order to describe just how bad Fellaini’s performance was overall and not just when he let the goalscorer slip away from him.

Bottom line? David Moyes and Manchester United have something to celebrate, even if they did concede an away goal. Considering the chances and odds they were given before the match began, it’s almost seems like a miracle they actually didn’t lose.

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