31 More Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Cheating & Punished

This being the offseason, the story of deflategate, the New England Patriots punished and Tom Brady cheating isn’t going away from the headlines of NFL news, and the memes are here to stay as well.

Everyone is now waiting for the reaction of both Tom Brady, who still hasn’t said anything directly (his agent has) since the punishment has been announced, and what will Robert Kraft do? The owner has already commented and criticized the decision to punish his star quarterback, but will he appeal or make moves behind the scenes against Goodell?

Remember, Kraft, one of the more powerful owners in the league, helped create this “monster” that Goodell has become, not standing in his way of dishing out punishment in any way he sees fit over the years. Now he’s been bitten (again), but he’s not going to take it graciously as he did before.

Until training camp starts, injuries happen, players get cut and added to the roster, this is pretty much the best thing we have to look forward to.

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