12 Gorgeous Woman Making Mid-September Anything but Ordinary

Romee Strijd 2

It’s that time of the month, in a good way – our collection of sexy women wearing very little, usually next to the ocean or the pool.

So who is featured this time? Some old favorites like Barbara Palvin and Josephine Skriver, both with two entries. Miranda Kerr, Kara Del Toro and Anna-Christina Schwartz are also no strangers to our list. 

And there are also some new faces like Kristina Mendonca and Danielle Bonnor, who we’ll probably be paying closer attention to from now on. The links to the models Instagram page is on the names.

And most importantly, enjoy.

Danielle Bonnor – Sunscreen bottle

Danielle Bonnor

Miranda Kerr – Black Feathers

Miranda Kerr

Kristina Mendonca – Between Two Ferns

Kristina Mendonca

Barbara Palvin – Strategic Concealing, Cute Bite

Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin 2

Kyra Santoro – Golden Mirror

Kyra Santoro

Josephine Skriver – Strike a Pose, Kris Kros

Josephine Skriver

Josephine Skriver 2

Romee Strijd – White Wall

Romee Strijd

Elizabeth Turner – Diagonal Sand, Straps Down

Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner 2

Katelyn Grace Palmer – Tying a String

Katelyn Grace Palmer

Taylor Marie Hill – In the Studio

Taylor Marie Hill

Kara Del Toro – Pink Towel

Kara Del Toro

Anna-Christina Schwartz – Catching Some Sun

Anna-Christina Schwartz