Minnesota Vikings – Chris Kluwe Won’t Leave Them Alone

Chris Kluwe

He’s no longer an active NFL player, but Chris Kluwe is the biggest thing happening right now in the off-season, as he feels unsatisfied with how the Minnesota Vikings handled the situation with homophobic and anti-gay remarked made by Mike Priefer, the team’s special teams coach.

Priefer will be suspended for three games without pay to start the 2014 season and the franchise will be donating $100,000 to LGBT organizations. However, Kluwe feels the punishment given to his former coach isn’t enough considering what the NFL usually hands out to different violations, and feels like the Vikings are still trying to cover up the extent of the homophobic behavior and culture during the 2012 season.

Kluwe was cut from the team on the pretense of being too expensive and declining as a punter in the 2012 season. That is the version the Vikings are sticking with after six months of internal investigation, which is spread over 150 pages but the Vikings allowed only 29 of them to be released, meaning that they have something to hide.

Based on the NFL’s code of conduct, and the Vikings’ code of conduct, this is something that deserves a significant amount of time. In the Bountygate, the head coach was suspended for a year. Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely. In the Miami investigation, a trainer and a coach were fired. A DUI, it’s a four-game suspension for that offense. I don’t think that should be out of the norm for Priefer.

Kluwe is going after them. He and his attorney set out to achieve three things: Make the Vikings reveal all 150 pages of the investigation report public, suspend Priefer for at least four games and also donate $1 million to charities supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-friendly causes. Not getting what they wished for,

According to the Vikings, Priefer made one homophobic comment in 2012 which he apologized for. In the beginning it was nothing. Now it’s one. Kluwe is determined for the truth, according to him, to be revealed, which will show Priefer made several comments during that season, and he still plans to file a law suit against the team.

Kluwe was released by the Oakland Raiders just as the 2012 season started. He retire from the game after being in the league since 2005. believing his chances of ever playing in the NFL again were slim considering his views on same-sex marriage and his downfall with the Vikings organization.

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