Mirka Federer Calling Stanislas Wawrinka a Crybaby

The hottest feud in Tennis might be resolved, but it’s still incredible to have a video of Mirka Federer actually heckling Stanislas Wawrinka during his match with Roger Federer, caught on camera calling him a cry baby.

Wawrinka can be seen growing more and more agitated with Federer, his wife and the umpire, with Mirka shouting things before first and second serve, either berating Wawrinka or in support of her husband, which is something of a breach of etiquette in Tennis terms.

Switzerland Davis Cup team

Federer won the match (and then decided not to show up for the final against Novak Djokovic) but he and Wawrinka got into a heated argument in the tunnel after the match and were taken into a side room for them to settle things between them. From a picture taken by the Swiss Davis Cup team, it seems like things are OK between them, for now.

Who would have guessed that the feuds that were missing from Tennis would arise from the rivalry between Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka? It seems the two of them have patched things up. After all, there’s a mission for the two of them to achieve together: Winning the Davis Cup by beating France in Lille on clay. But it is interesting to think about how next season will look like for the two of them when they meet up head to head and on the national team.

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