Mississippi State Over Arkansas – Just Enough to Stay Number One

Mississippi State beat Arkansas

The road to the top was filled with impressive, dominant victories. Keeping the number one spot in College football is more about doing whatever it takes to win. Mississippi State didn’t make it easy or pretty, but they did enough to remain undefeated, beating Arkansas 17-10.

The Razorbacks have been a problem for every team they’ve faced so far this season, even though they’re with 0 wins in the SEC since Bret Bielema became their head coach. They took a 10-0 lead with 11:01 left in the second quarter but eventually, their struggles at quarterback and inability to slow down the passing game of the Bulldogs through Dak Prescott was too much for Arkansas.

Prescott threw for 331 yards, relying on his arm and not his legs, limited to 61 yards on 13 carries. He was intercepted twice, but also threw a touchdown pass to Fred Ross with 13:21 left in the game, completing a 69-yard play that turned into the game winning touchdown. Prescott enjoyed a great day from Josh Robinson, who ran for 64 yards and caught six passes for 110 yards.

This was the first time this season Mississippi State couldn’t run for more than 200 yards, limited to just 121, probably what made it so difficult, and a very good lesson for Alabama and Ole Miss in the coming weeks on possibly how to finally stop the number one team in the nation, which might be slowing down, but is still almost impossible to beat.

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