MLB Rumors – Cubs, Red Sox & Rockies Busy in Trade Thoughts

Jose Reyes

There’s still quite a lot of time before the trade deadline, but some teams, like the Chicago Cubs with their left field questions, the Boston Red Sox due to their depth in prospects, and the Colorado Rockies with their expensive Jose Reyes situation, are already trying to see what can be done way before August 1.

We begin with the Rockies, who really don’t have any use for Jose Reyes, suspended through May 31 due to Domestic Violence charges (even if they were dropped). Reyes, making $22 million a season, hasn’t played this season and might even remain without a single at-bat for the Rockies, who have found their shortstop in Trevor Story. The 23-year old rookie is batting .275 with a .950 OPS, hitting 11 home runs and 28 RBIs so far this season.

Reyes, turning 33 very soon, has deteriorated defensively even though some thought it’s not even possible. He had a .310 OBP last season, and there are even those who think no MLB team will have any use for him, unless, maybe, he moves to shortstop, where his arm and defense issues won’t be too much of a problem, and his batting average (.274) can keep him employed. ESPN¬†mentions the Angels, White Sox, Rays, Reds and Padres as possible destinations, although it would mean the Rockies have to eat up a huge chunk of the deal. Reyes is guaranteed $22 million next season too. In 2018 it’s a team option, with a $4 million buyout.

From their record, it would seem the Cubs have nothing to complain about. But Jorge Soler is struggling (batting just .181) and Kris Bryant remains as a third base player. The Cubs might be forced to make some outfield addition in order to ensure their fine start to the season doesn’t fizzle away at some point.

The Red Sox are another team doing rather well (0.5 games behind the first-place Baltimore Orioles in the AL East) that might be looking to make a trade. It’s not a specific problem (maybe some help in relief), but more of a situation where they’re packing a lot of farm system talent, giving them an edge over potential competitors like the Orioles and Blue Jays, which it might be worth using in the next two months.

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