MLB Rumors – Chicago Cubs & New York Mets Interested in Signing Dexter Fowler

Dexter Fowler

It was a good contract year for Dexter Fowler with the Chicago Cubs, which means he might stay along with the World Series bound project, but interest from the New York Mets means he might end up playing for the team that knocked him out of the playoffs last season.

Fowler, turning 30 just before the 2016 season begins, hit .250 last season (his lowest since 2008) but had his best OPS in two years and a career high in home runs with 17, coming with 46 RBIs. He hit well in the postseason with a .278 batting average through nine games, including two home runs and three RBIs. Like the entire team, in the NLCS against the Mets, things didn’t work out that well, although Fowler didn’t fall flat on his face, hitting a .250 without any home runs.

The Mets have bigger things on their mind right now, like Ben Zobrist, who has the entire league almost chasing after him and his ability to play almost every position on the outfield. Fowler is going to get someone to pay him and it might be staying with the Cubs or the Mets if they lose out on Zobrist. He made $9.5 million last season, but will probably get a multi-year contract at around that number for the next team he plays for.

In eight seasons playing mostly for the Colorado Rockies, a bit of Astros and Cubs, Fowler is hitting .267 with 65 home runs and 291 RBIs. He is a good hitter and looks even better considering the competition in the free agency market.

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