MLB Rumors – Chicago Cubs Hoping to Keep, Arizona Diamondbacks & San Diego Padres to Sign Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney

There’s still a market out there for relief pitcher Fernando Rodney, who is likely going to end up playing once again for the Chicago Cubs, while the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks are also in contention.

Rodney, 38, has never been an ERA champion or even close, but did have a super strong 2012 in Tampa Bay with the Rays (All-Star, 0.60 ERA out of nowhere, 48 saves) and in 2014 with the Seattle Mariners, also making the All-Star following a 2.85 season and a league best 48 saves. In 2015, he didn’t do very well for them, although nothing worked for Seattle, with a 5.68 ERA through 54 appearances before getting traded to the Chicago Cubs.

There, Rodney managed to possibly save his career. He pitched 14 times in the regular season for the Cubs, posting an 0.75 ERA in 12 innings of work. His days as a closer are over, but as a setup man or some other role in the bullpen? Rodney is capable and more of delivering the goods. He was so-so in the postseason for the Cubs, playing twice. Once in the series against the St. Louis Cardinals and doing very well, once against the New York Mets and failing in his appearance.

Rodney had 16 saves last season for the Mariners before getting traded  and overall has 236 in his career which began in 2004, playing for the Detroit Tigers to begin with, later moving on to the Los Angeles Angels, Rays, Mariners and most recently Cubs.

He did make $7 million a season during his two years in Seattle thanks to his success with the Rays. His next deal isn’t going to be close to that and probably just a one year thing, maybe with a second year option. Rodney can obviously try to turn the momentum from his short stint with the Cubs into something lucrative, but while there is a market for him, it isn’t that big or bustling.

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