MLB Rumors – Cincinnati Reds, Bronson Arroyo Might be Reuniting

Bronson Arroyo

Believe it or not, the Cincinnati Reds are actually thinking about signing someone instead of just releasing everyone through trades. That someone? Bronson Arroyo, who didn’t play at all last season because of a Tommy John surgery.

Arroyo last played in 2014 for the Arizona Diamondbacks, starting in 14 games and going 7-4 with a 4.08 ERA. He played for the Reds from 2006-2013, making the All-Star game once, overall having a 4.05 ERA and posting a 105-94 record in 265 starts. His WHIP of 1.291 in 2014 is quite consistent with his career numbers, so while the power is obviously fading away, he’s still a very capable pitcher, which now remains to be seen if he’s healthy enough to start in the major league.

He’s going to be 39 once the season begins, but the Reds don’t plan on winning too many games. He was moved along in the last year or so through trades without actually playing, last time “belonging” to the Los Angeles Dodgers before being granted free agency in November. It’s safe to assume money demands won’t be an issue for the Reds and Arroyo, who is probably just looking for someone to give him some playing time just so he can say his career still isn’t over.

The Reds had 110 rookie starts on the mound last season, including in each of the final 64 games. They need some veterans in the clubhouse and in the rotation, even if he’s not going to get a lot of run support and defense from the lineup. In a season that’s about developing the young talent they have and acquired through the trades (planning on making a few more as well), it wouldn’t hurt to give Arroyo an opportunity to make a comeback on a team he did quite well for in the past.

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