MLB Rumors: Atlanta Braves & 4 Other Teams Interested in Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Baseball

Contrasting impressions from the workout Tim Tebow put together for almost every team in Baseball didn’t come up empty in offers: The Atlanta Braves seem serious about adding him to their minor league rosters, while 4 other teams also talked with the former NFL quarterback following his showcase.

Tebow displayed power and speed in his workout, but looked less and less accurate as the day dragged on, and disappointed with his throwing power. Questions have been raised about his ability to hit when it comes to off-speed pitches and perhaps his build being a bit too muscular and big for the majors, or even success at a much lower level.

One of the scathing scout reactions to Tebow’s workout was that he looked like an actor trying to portray a baseball player. There have been suggestions that Tebow is only doing this to keep his profile up, recently starting to sell baseball gear on his website. Could it just be a way to make money through a different avenue? It’s not that salary has been a problem: He was working for ESPN as a college football analyst (and a pretty good one too).

In any case, real interest or lukewarm, Tebow will only be getting into the minor league system at the lowest level possible. Maybe he can get to the double AA level in a year from now, but there’s Winter league first (Venezuela?), and in all likelihood, with him being so many years removed from the actual sport and quite close to his 30th birthday, it’s not going to end with a major league appearance.

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