MLB Rumors – Los Angeles Dodgers & Houston Astros Waiting on Aroldis Chapman Decision

Aroldis Chapman

Major League Baseball has yet to make a decision on Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman, leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers in the dark about their trade for the player, while the Houston Astros might be waiting for the deal to collapse.

Chapman, at the moment, won’t be charged by the police for domestic violence against his girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean that the league won’t decide differently, or that this story will make it difficult for teams to bring him over into the ball club.

Via the Guardianpolice arrived at the home in the Fort Lauderdale suburb after getting a call about a domestic incident. They spoke to Cristina Barnea, 22, who told officers that Chapman pushed her, put his hands around her neck and “choked” her during an argument in the theater at the pitcher’s home. She said that the argument was broken up by family members and that Chapman had left the house. Barnea told police that she heard gunshots a short time later and went outside and hid in the bushes until she could make contact with police. She left the couple’s infant daughter inside the home. Police say in the report that they interviewed Chapman, who said the argument had happened during a party. He said he poked Barnea on the shoulder, telling her not to “talk to him like that.” He said she fell to the ground, yelling. Chapman told investigators that Barnea’s brother pushed him to the ground. Chapman said he got up, left the house, and got into the passenger seat of a 2015 Land Rover with his friend. Chapman said he punched the passenger window with his left fist, creating a laceration on the knuckle of his left pinky. At that point, he told investigators, he got his pistol from the glove box and locked himself in his garage. He fired seven rounds into a concrete wall and fired one round through a window before tossing the pistol aside. Police said Chapman refused to give a sworn statement or sign an affidavit of the complaint. He signed a consent order allowing officers to search his garage. Officers said Barnea collected her belongings and left the home.

And as for the Dodgers? They want the four-time All-Star closer, with a 1.90 ERA and 145 saves over the last four seasons, but their deal with the Reds could collapse. Joe Torre, the league’s chief baseball officer, said there is no timetable regarding a decision about Chapman, the 27-year old Cuban who has been playing for the Reds since 2010. The Astros, and possibly some other teams are waiting on the sidelines for the deal to collapse, and maybe pick up “damaged goods” for less than he was worth before.

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