MLB Rumors – San Francisco Giants & Los Angeles Angels Interested in Signing Chase Utley

Chase Utley

It’s been a while since Chase Utley has been cleared for a trade this late in the season, and the Philadelphia Phillies have been getting a lot of interest for him. At the moment it seems to be down to either the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels, but we’re still quite far from a deal.

Both the Angels and Giants are trailing in their respective divisions by a few games, and although right now they’re looking likely for a wild card spot, it’s always better to try and get into the playoffs without having it all laid down on one game.

Utley hasn’t been playing well this season but he’s also been injured quite a lot. He has a negative WAR for the first time in his career, is batting just .213 and has just five home runs. However, he’s been hitting well since coming back from injury earlier this month, hitting .500 in his last seven games with a few times being rested instead of playing, also hitting a home run and picking up five RBIs.

The Giants need Utley more than the Angels at the moment because of Joe Panik being injured. Utley will start right away for them at second baseman, and give them the luxury of finding out who’s better once Panik comes back from his hiatus, and if he’s 100% ready to take over once again.

The problem for the Giants right now is who the Phillies are interested in. The proposed deal is Utley and cash for¬†right-handed pitching prospect Kyle Crick. The teams have until August 31 to complete a deal, while the Angels are probably second on the queue to land the 36-year old who doesn’t have a lot of seasons left in MLB.

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