MLB Rumors – St. Louis Cardinals Have Given Up on Big Signings

Jason Heyward

Failing to sign David Price, re-sign Jason Heyward and sway former division rival Johnny Cueto their way has meant that enough is enough for the St. Louis Cardinals, who are no longer interested in making a splash this offseason with some big, expensive shiny signing.

Price ended up signing with the Boston Red Sox to a 7-year, $217 million contract. Cueto signed a $130 million deal for six years with the San Francisco Giants. Heyward, a Cardinals player in 2015, took less money than what the Cards put on the table for him in order to join their big rivals and a team that knocked St. Louis out of the playoffs last season, taking $184 million over eight years.

With the big deals escaping them, many thought the Cardinals might try to go for Chris Davis, who is looking for a very big contract and is acting patient and indifferent. He had a $150 million over from the Baltimore Orioles waiting on the table, but he didn’t agree to it (didn’t say no either) and reports suggest they’ve pulled it back, and now it’s up to him if he wants to stay on the team. But the Cardinals, at least publicly, are denying interest in the slugger.

So what do the Cardinals do? Well, at first base, they’re probably sticking with Brandon Moss and Matt Adams. The team has pretty much admitted at failing to make some sort of dynamic duo signing, and have declared they’re no longer interested in making that kind of addition, or simply realizing there’s no one left good enough to splash so much cash on. But don’t be surprised if some trade that involved a lot of prospects suddenly comes the Cardinals way.

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