MLB Rumors: Tim Tebow Trying to Save His Career by Switching Sports

Tim Tebow High School Baseball

Despite being a pretty good TV guy, Tim Tebow hasn’t given up on playing professional sports. The NFL doesn’t want him? He’ll try making it into Major League Baseball, a sport he was very good at during high school, but hasn’t played in over a decade.

As it turns out, Tebow has been working out for almost a year in Arizona and California, and is planning on putting on a showcase for all 30 MLB teams (all invited, not quite sure who will come) later this month, planning on showcasing himself as an outfielder. His high school coach at the time, “Boo” Mullins, said Tebow was a six-tool player, adding his personality into the mix. But again, Tebow didn’t even play baseball his senior year, shifting his complete focus to football, going to play for Florida and become a legend for the Gators, winning two national championships and winning the Heisman Trophy.

Tebow has been a football analyst since 2013, and a pretty good one at that. But an NFL career that last three seasons (basically his first two with the Denver Broncos before getting kinda blackballed by Rex Ryan with the Jets) hasn’t been enough for him. He’s made two offseason NFL rosters before being cut as preseason or the regular season approached. It seems he’s given up on making it in the NFL and now, when he’s almost 29, he’s trying to make it in Baseball.

Some might compare it to Michael Jordan leaving the NBA and trying out baseball for almost two years. Jordan was 31 at the time, and wasn’t really very good at Double-A level. It’ll be surprising if Tebow actually lands a major league deal out of this, but physically and athletically, he probably has what it takes. However, batting a baseball is one of the most difficult things in all of sports; especially doing it well. Is one year of working towards that goal enough after over 10 years of not playing it? We’ll soon find out.

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