MLB Rumors – Cubs, Nationals & Blue Jays Interested in Signing Ryan Madson

Ryan Madson

Rumors keep popping up about players potentially being on the trading block or being targeted by needy teams. The Oakland A’s are big sellers in the current market, with one of those players potentially being Ryan Madson, who has the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jays looking into him.

Madson, 35, isn’t having that good of a season. His ERA is at his highest since 2006 (3.62), he’s blown five of 22 save opportunities, and his WHIP is also at its highest for the last decade. He is striking out players at a reasonable rate (7.5 per nine innings), but his strikeout-to-walk ratio is alarming, down to 2.38. The A’s haven’t shown any indication they want to trade him, but considering he is on the books for $15.3 million over the next two seasons ($6.6 million this year), they’re probably willing to listen to offers.

Teams looking into Madson are mostly considering his form with the Kansas City Royals last season, playing a part in their World Series victory. He didn’t allow a single run in his three postseason appearances, striking out five players and walking just one. He had a good regular season too, with a 2.13 ERA, 0.963 WHIP and a 4.14 k-to-bb ratio. He didn’t play the closer role, which could have had something to do with his success.

And the teams looking into adding the veteran, who has been around since 2003, but didn’t play major league baseball from 2012 through 2014 due to elbow issues. A world series champion with the Phillies in 2008 too, Madson has been able to retain his speed (averaging 94 mphs on fastballs), but has issues with control. In a more confined role, he’s probably going to be a bit more helpful, and now it remains to be seen if someone feels like the long term commitment to someone who is something of a risk can generate a deal.

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