MLB Scores & Standings

  1. Red Sox beat A's

The Chicago Cubs beating the San Francisco Giants again with a Jon Lester complete game didn’t help the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost to the San Diego Padres. The same thing can be said of the St. Louis Cardinals loss, not letting their wild card standings chasers catch up, as the New York Mets, Miami Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirates all lost. The Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles remain tied for the second wild card spot behind the Boston Red Sox, who got closer to the Toronto Blue Jays after their loss against the Tampa Bay Rays.

San Francisco Giants 1  Chicago Cubs 2: RBIs from David Ross and Dexter Fowler took care of offense, while Jon Lester threw nine innings, allowing only 3 this and one run as the Cubs beat the Giants again.

New York Yankees 0  Baltimore Orioles 8: Big win for the Orioles to narrow things down from the lead in the AL East, getting four home runs to crush the Yankees, including number 41 for Mark Trumbo this season, while both Manny Machado and Chris Davis made it to 33.

Atlanta Braves 8  Philadelphia Phillies 4: The Braves have won 4 in a row, not letting a 4-0 start from the Phillies get to them. Matt Kemp hit a three run homer and an RBI single, with Atlanta scoring four runs in the 9th to win the game.

Milwaukee Brewers 1  Pittsburgh Pirates 0: The Pirates lose their fourth in a row despite 3-for-4 from Andrew McCutchen, giving up an RBI single to Scooter Gennett in the 6th, while the Brewers bullpen held them in the lead for the rest of the game.

Miami Marlins 2  Cleveland Indians 6: The Marlins couldn’t take advantage of another Cardinals loss, while the Indians won their fourth in a row, enjoying an 11-k performance from Carlos Carrasco on the mound, and 3 runs in the 1st inning to get going, the opening being Mike Napoli walking while the bases were loaded.

St. Louis Cardinals 2  Cincinnati Reds 3: Second straight loss for the Cards, Seung Hwan Oh giving up a walk off singe to Eugenio Suarez, throwing away the 2-0 lead the Cardinals built off of two home runs.

Washington Nationals 4  New York Mets 1: The win makes sure the Cardinals don’t have anyone coming close to them for at least one more day, as a good start by Noah Syndergaard didn’t translate into much due to the Nats holding the Mets on only 4 hits. Bryce Harper had an RBI and a ninth inning run.

Toronto Blue Jays 3  Tampa Bay Rays 8: Alex Cobb pitched well to set up the win that slows down the Blue Jays, with home runs from Brad Miller and Luke Maile making sure the Blue Jays don’t come back.

Houston Astros 8  Texas Rangers 10: The Astros fall behind again in the wild card race, while the Rangers keep in front of the Indians in the home advantage battle. The Rangers relied on 3 home runs in the 4th from Carlos Beltran, Rougned Odor and Jonathan Lucroy.

Chicago White Sox 11  Minnesota Twins 4: A big day for Adam Eaton with 4 hits and an RBI, while Todd Frazier blasted his 35th home run of the season back when the White Sox were still behind in this game.

Detroit Tigers 7  Kansas City Royals 6: A big and important win for the Tigers, 4th in a row, against the slowing down Royals. After a Miguel Cabrera home run in the 7th, the Royals responded with two singles that gave them a 6-5 lead. Cabrera overturned it with a 2-RBI single to win the game.

Arizona Diamondbacks 7  Colorado Rockies 14: The Diamondbacks actually led 5-0 in this game, but gave up 6 runs in the 5th and 7 runs in the 8th after the game was tied. Nick Hundley hit a grand slam home run for the Rockies, and it was a Nolan Arenado single giving Colorado the lead for good.

Boston Red Sox 16  Oakland Athletics 2: The Red Sox explode to get within one game of the Blue Jays, as David Price has an easy, pressure-less day on the mound. Surprisingly, only one home run for Boston (Travis Shaw, 3-run homer). Shaw finished with 5 RBIs, David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez had 3 each.

Los Angeles Angels 8  Seattle Mariners 11: The Mariners are trying to keep up with the wild card competitors, scoring 9 runs in the 2nd inning to finish the game early, adding an 8th inning home run by Nelson Cruz, hit 33rd of the season.

San Diego Padres 4  Los Angeles Dodgers 2: The Dodgers couldn’t take advantage of another Giants loss, giving up a Yangervis Solarte home run in the 8th to fall behind, followed by an RBI single from Brett Wallace, with Adam Liberatore letting the game slip away from the Dodgers.

American League Standings

American League East W L Pct. GB Home Road
Toronto Blue Jays 76 58 0.567 40–28 36–30
Boston Red Sox 75 59 0.560 1 41–30 34–29
Baltimore Orioles 73 61 0.545 3 44–24 29–37
New York Yankees 69 64 0.519 37–28 32–36
Tampa Bay Rays 57 76 0.429 18½ 33–37 24–39
W L Pct. GB Home Road
Cleveland Indians 77 56 0.579 43–23 34–33
Detroit Tigers 73 61 0.545 39–28 34–33
Kansas City Royals 69 65 0.515 41–24 28–41
Chicago White Sox 63 70 0.474 14 35–29 28–41
Minnesota Twins 50 85 0.370 28 26–41 24–44
W L Pct. GB Home Road
Texas Rangers 81 54 0.600 46–21 35–33
Houston Astros 71 63 0.530 39–29 32–34
Seattle Mariners 69 65 0.515 11½ 37–28 32–37
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 59 75 0.440 21½ 32–33 27–42
Oakland Athletics 57 77 0.425 23½ 30–37 27–40

National League Standings

National League East W L Pct. GB Home Road
Washington Nationals 79 55 0.590 38–26 41–29
New York Mets 69 66 0.511 10½ 36–33 33–33
Miami Marlins 68 67 0.504 11½ 33–32 35–35
Philadelphia Phillies 60 74 0.448 19 30–37 30–37
Atlanta Braves 52 83 0.385 27½ 22–44 30–39
W L Pct. GB Home Road
Chicago Cubs 87 47 0.649 50–19 37–28
St. Louis Cardinals 70 63 0.526 16½ 30–37 40–26
Pittsburgh Pirates 67 65 0.508 19 34–31 33–34
Milwaukee Brewers 58 76 0.433 29 37–35 21–41
Cincinnati Reds 56 77 0.421 30½ 33–33 23–44
W L Pct. GB Home Road
Los Angeles Dodgers 74 60 0.552 42–27 32–33
San Francisco Giants 72 62 0.537 2 38–30 34–32
Colorado Rockies 65 69 0.485 9 35–32 30–37
Arizona Diamondbacks 56 78 0.418 18 25–43 31–35
San Diego Padres 56 78 0.418 18 30–34 26–44

AL Wild Card Standings

Boston Red Sox (+2)

Baltimore Orioles (-)

Detroit Tigers (-)

Houston Astros (2 games behind)

New York Yankees (3.5)

Seattle Mariners (4)

Kansas City Royals (4)

NL Wild Card Standings

San Francisco Giants (+1.5)

St. Louis Cardinals (-)

New York Mets (2)

Pittsburgh Pirates (2.5)

Miami Marlins (3)

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