MLB Scores & Standings

In the American League, things have gotten complicated for the Toronto Blue Jays, slipping down the wild card standings while the Baltimore Orioles take first place, and both the Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners are still trying to win a playoff spot. In the National League, the top of the Wild Card Standings remain unchanged as the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals all win their games.

Mark Trumbo home run

Toronto Blue Jays 3  Boston Red Sox 5: The Blue Jays lose their advantage in the wild card standings, and the Tigers only need one win to tie them for second place. David Ortiz hit his 38th home run of the season to break the tie in the 7th inning, scoring two runs to win the game.

Baltimore Orioles 8  New York Yankees 1: The Orioles take first place in the WC standings as Yovani Gallardo had no problems holding the Yankees down, while Mark Trumbo hit his 47th homer of the season, helped out in the power department by Jonathan Schoop and Adam Jones.

Miami Marlins 7  Washington Nationals 4: Justin Bour and Christian Yelich both had 2 RBIs each while Bryce Harper had a frustrating day, going o-for-4.

New York Mets 5  Philadelphia Phillies 1: One step closer to clinching the wild card spot, the Mets win their 3rd in a row, led by the 33rd home run this season from Jay Bruce, and a strong performance from Robert Gsellman on the mound.

Chicago Cubs 7  Cincinnati Reds 3: While giving some rest to their usual rotation arms, the Cubs win number 102, led by two home runs and 3 RBIs from Ben Zobrist.

Detroit Tigers 6  Atlanta Braves 2: The Tigers are only 0.5 games behind the Blue Jays, one win from tying their current record. Daniel Norris struck out 8 in 6.2 innings of work, while he had plenty of run support in the form of four home runs: Two for Miguel Cabrera, and one each from Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton.

Tampa Bay Rays 1  Texas Rangers 3: Yu Darvish was terrific with 12 strikeouts in 6 innings while the bullpen did a fantastic job in the remaining 3 innings, while Carlos Beltran and Rougned Odor helped out with a home run each.

Minnesota Twins 3  Chicago White Sox 7: The Twins lose their 103rd game of the season, their worst since moving from Washington to Minneapolis in 1960. Carlos Rodon struck out 10 in six innings, while the offense of Tim Anderson and Melky Cabrera helped out offensively.

Milwaukee Brewers 1  Colorado Rockies 4: Nolan Arenado hit his 41st home run to bring in two runs as the Rockies beat the Brewers.

Cleveland Indians 7  Pittsburgh Pirates 2: Francisco Lindor hit his 15th home run of the season, a 3-run hit to lead the Indians to their 92nd win of the season.

Pittsburgh Pirates 0  St. Louis Cardinals 7: The Pirates couldn’t hold back their division rivals from staying in the playoff race, as Carlos Martinez allowed 5 hits while striking out 9 in 7 innings. The offense came from Jedd Gyorko, Brandon Moss and Matt Holliday (who isn’t staying next season), all hitting home runs. It was probably his final home run for the Cards, who activated him off the DL to see him deliver a pinch hit home run.

San Diego Padres 3  Arizona Diamondbacks 5: Paul Goldschmidt hit a early two-run homer to put the Diamondbacks up by 3 runs. After typically losing the lead, Chris Owings hit a two-run homer to break the tie and win the game.

Houston Astros 1  Los Angeles Angels 7: Rookie Jefry Marte had another terrific performance with 2 hits and a home run, while Kaleb Cowart helped out with 3 RBIs.

Oakland Athletics 1  Seattle Mariners 5: The Mariners remain behind the Tigers, one game behind the Blue Jays, not giving up on that playoff spot. Robinson Cano hit a couple of home runs to continue with his late-season form, while Nelson Cruz blasted his 42nd home run of the season. Taijuan Walker earned the win, allowing only 2 hits and one run in six innings.

Los Angeles Dodgers 3  San Francisco Giants 9: The Giants remain one game ahead of the Cardinals, riding Madison Bumgarner’s 5 strikeouts through 7.1 innings, while the offense Brandon Belt (3 RBIs) and Bumgarner himself (two RBIs) helped make Rich Hill look bad for the first time in Dodgers uniform.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox93670.58147–3246–35
Baltimore Orioles88720.550550–3138–41
Toronto Blue Jays87730.544646–3541–38
New York Yankees83770.5191047–3236–45
Tampa Bay Rays66940.4122736–4530–49
Cleveland Indians92670.57953–2839–39
Detroit Tigers86730.541645–3541–38
Kansas City Royals81790.50611½47–3234–47
Chicago White Sox78820.48714½45–3433–48
Minnesota Twins571030.35635½30–5127–52
Texas Rangers95650.59453–2642–39
Seattle Mariners86740.537944–3542–39
Houston Astros83770.5191243–3840–39
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim73870.4562239–4034–47
Oakland Athletics

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals93670.58148–3145–36
New York Mets86740.537744–3742–37
Miami Marlins79800.49713½40–4039–40
Philadelphia Phillies70900.4382336–4334–47
Atlanta Braves66930.41526½29–5037–43
Chicago Cubs102570.64257–2445–33
St. Louis Cardinals84760.52518½36–4348–33
Pittsburgh Pirates78810.4912438–4240–39
Milwaukee Brewers71890.44431½41–4030–49
Cincinnati Reds67930.41935½37–4230–51
Los Angeles Dodgers91690.56953–2838–41
San Francisco Giants85750.531643–3642–39
Colorado Rockies75850.4691642–3733–48
San Diego Padres68920.4252339–4229–50
Arizona Diamondbacks67930.4192431–4836–45

American League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
Baltimore Orioles88720.550+1
Toronto Blue Jays87730.544
Detroit Tigers86730.541½
Seattle Mariners86740.5371
Houston Astros83770.5194
New York Yankees83770.5194
Kansas City Royals81790.5066
Chicago White Sox78820.4879
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim73870.45614
Oakland Athletics67930.41920
Tampa Bay Rays66940.41221
Minnesota Twins571030.35630

National League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
New York Mets86740.537+1
San Francisco Giants85750.531
St. Louis Cardinals84760.5251
Miami Marlins79800.497
Pittsburgh Pirates78810.491
Colorado Rockies75850.46910
Milwaukee Brewers71890.44414
Philadelphia Phillies70900.43815
San Diego Padres68920.42517
Arizona Diamondbacks67930.41918
Cincinnati Reds67930.41918
Atlanta Braves66930.41518½
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