MLB Rumors – New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox Could Make a Carlos Beltran Deal

Carlos Beltran Trade

The New York Yankees still haven’t decided if they’re going to try and trade Carlos Beltran before the approaching deadline. One team that could benefit from the aging All-Star are the Chicago White Sox.

Beltran,selected to his ninth All-Star game this season, is on the final year of his deal with the Yankees, making $15 million this year. He’s batting .299 (his best since 2011) with an .888 OPS, while hitting 19 home runs (already tied for his best in New York, achieved last year with 133 games; he’s played 83 so far this season), playing mostly in the outfield, but a lot DH as well.

The White Sox need outfield production, and offensive production overall. They’ve signed Justin Morneau, but he’s coming off elbow surgery and has struggled at Triple A level as he gets himself ready for the return. Even with Morneau, the White Sox can make a move for Beltran (celebrated his 39th birthday in April). Their right field isn’t too hot either with Avisail Garcia’s poor numbers. Beltran would be a big upgrade over him, if he carries on hitting like he has this season.

The market for outfielders isn’t that hot, and Beltran won’t be something NL teams look at due to his poor defense (three-time Gold Glove winner, but last in 2008). If he isn’t traded, the Yankees keep his bat for this season and who knows where that leads them. In the offseason, they could still issue a qualifying offer to Beltran this winter and get draft compensation back if he left in free agency, per Mark Polishuk

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