Morgan Gould Punches Getaneh Kebede in the Face

In a scene that had more in common with a boxing ring than a football stadium, Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould delivered a punch to the face of Getaneh Kebede from BIDVest Wits, right in front of the referee in their ABSA Premiership match, but wasn’t even booked for the offense.

According to the referee, or at least his non-action, it was only a foul. Just like any tackle or illegal shove. Gould himself called it a freak accident after the match, but there seems to be nothing accidental about him simply delivering a quality knockout to the face of Kebede.

Obviously, there’s quite a lot of noise being made about the incident in South Africa, with Gould still not facing any sort of retroactive suspension for his blatant act of violence which doesn’t belong in this kind of sport. The PSL are going to take an extra careful look at the referee’s report and the video evidence, which is quite clear cut regarding what happened at that particular moment, which might result in Gould being suspended for a long time, as there’s nothing to suggest that this was some mistake or uncontrollable action of his left arm.

With the 2-1 win for the Chiefs, they’ve managed to climb to sixth in the table, now tied with Wits (15 points) who are on spot above them in the rankings.