Most Expensive Teams to Watch in the NFL

    It’s a very expensive thing to do; taking your family out to watch an NFL game, but there’s a very big difference from going to see the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots when compared to teams like the Philadelphia Eagles or Cincinnati Bengals, who aren’t among the most expensive teams to watch in the league. takes a look at how much it costs to take part of the Sunday phenomenon that is the NFL season, measuring using the Fan Cost Index (FCI), taking into account the average ticket price in each stadium, adding to it the price of parking, beers, sodas and football caps for a family of four going to the game, determining how much the overall fan experience costs at each stadium.

    7th – Baltimore Ravens


    The average ticket price in Baltimore is up to $100.19 this season, but the average premium ticket costs $258.94. To get the total fan experience for a family for four, which is the measurement for determining who really causes you to go bankrupt when visiting a game, you’ll need to spend a total of $547.66. How did it get there? $8.50 for a beer, $7.50 for a soft drink, $5 for a hot dog, parking that costs $40 and a cap that registers at $19.95.

    6th – Washington Redskins


    Not far from Baltimore, geographically and on the FCI chart, are the Redskins, going through an awful season. An average ticket to FedEx Field now costs $94.80; that an increase of nearly 16% since the beginning of the 2012 season. An average premium ticket reaches $375.32, and the FCI for a family of four gets to $561.21, with beer costing $9 and parking reaching $50.

    5th – New York Jets

    MetLife Stadium

    The total fan experience costs $577.12 for a Jets family of four, with an average ticket costing $110.28 and the average premium tickets getting to $355.94. This is actually lower than in the 2012 season, with prices dropping by 6.5% after the 6-10 2012 season.

    4th – Chicago Bears

    Soldier Field

    The Bears FCI is only 30 cents more expensive than the one the Jets “offer” ($577.42). The average ticket price is actually cheaper: $103.60, but refreshments are a lot more expensive at Soldier Field.

    3rd – New York Giants


    Same stadium, different teams, different prices. Maybe after this season the Giants will think about lowering their prices, charging $582.76 for an overall experience in their home games. An average ticket to a Giants game costs $111.69 is more expensive than what the Jets ask for, but refreshments are relatively cheaper than in other stadiums across the country.

    2nd – New England Patriots

    Gillette Stadium

    The most successful NFL team over the last 10 years is also one of the most expensive. An average ticket to a Patriots game costs $117.84, while the average premium ticket costs a whopping $566.67. The family FCI reaches $582, with parking costing $40, beer at $7.50 and hot dogs at $3.75.

    1st – Dallas Cowboys

    AT&T Stadium

    The team with the biggest stadium in the NFL and the highest attendance numbers is also the most expensive to watch live. It costs a family for four $634.78 to get the total fan experience at AT&T Stadium. The average ticket to a Cowboys game costs $100.20, while a premium ticket costs $340. What bumps up the price? Parking is $80, with beer costing $8.50 and hot dogs at $7.50.

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