Moussa Sissoko Slaps Mike Jones, Referee Decided To Dive

Moussa Sissoko, Mike Jones

In one of the more hilarious bits we’ll see this season in any football league, the accidental slap by Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle to the face of referee Mike Jones created comedy gold, with the referee embarassing himself by acting like he was shot by a bullet instead of hit by a stray hand.

In the 1-1 draw between Newcastle and Southampton, Sissoko was trying to hurry up goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga to stop his time wasting on the ground and get on with the play. Gazzaniga decided to hold on or pull on Sissoko’s hand, so the Frenchman made a sudden move of lifting his arm and releasing himself from the hold.

The result? Mike Jones, standing right above the action, got sorta slapped in the eye. I don’t know when was the last time you’ve been hit in the eye, but it stings. You clutch you face, sure. However, it does not result in you falling back onto the ground, rolling around and seeking attention.

Luckily, Jones wasn’t too much of a jerk about it, realizing that this wasn’t something done on purpose, and Sissoko had no intention of actually hurting him. The match carried on in what was left of it, and reports suggest that Jones carried on through it all with a tissue hanging out of his nose.

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