Nate Robinson Takes Out His Frustration on Lance Stephenson

It’s been a frustrating period for the Chicago Bulls recently – not too many wins, struggling even more than usual, and a lot of those losses coming at home. Nate Robinson has been the focus of a lot of that criticism, and he took with a flagrant foul on Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers, earning himself an ejection.

The Bulls? They finally won, at home, against a Pacers team that’s been a bit too much for them this season. Chicago took the game 87-84 while Robinson watched from the locker room. During and Indiana fast break, Robinson decided he wasn’t going to let Stephenson score, no matter what, and pulled him by the shoulder and the neck, sending him crashing to the parquet.

Robinson was ejected, although after a replay or two, it doesn’t seem like he wanted to hurt him, but things often go wrong with flagrant fouls, causing injuries that weren’t in the original plan. Robinson will probably earn himself a couple of games in street clothes, which might be good for the Bulls’ ball movement, and maybe even send Derrick Rose a stronger message that they need him back.