NBA Fans Drools Beer All Over Himself During Knicks-Celtics Game

The need of some people to get their few seconds of fame can drive them to some idiotic stuff. Like this man at the Knicks-Celtics NBA game, who decided that drooling beer all over himself was a good idea.

Hubie Brown and Dave Pasch are talking. We see someone drinking a beer, looking at the camera. Suddenly, his friend leans over, covering his mouth, as if he’s aware people at home are lip reading or something. He’s like the devil on the left shoulder, egging someone to do something stupid.

So what does his friend do? Instead of doing what the masses do, which is wave and smile to the camera in hope of someone at home seeing them, he begins drooling his beer all over himself, turning himself into the wrong kind of overnight sensation. A funny one, but idiotic nonetheless. He needs to be with a beer-soaked shirt for the rest of the game, and there’s a good chance it went down his pants as well. If becoming the top link on reddit or social media is that important, then maybe we’re the stupid ones and simply don’t understand. Here he is in all of his glory:

The game itself? This being the preseason, it wasn’t as interesting. The Knicks won 121-96 in Boston, with Kristaps Porzingis scoring 20 points and Jaylen Brown scoring 17 for Boston. But none of that was an interesting as the Photobombing done a row behind the ESPN announcers.