NBA July 3 Free Agency Signings, Re-Signings & Trades

Rajon Rondo Free Agency

In a day mostly filled with minor signings ($8 million a season is minor now), the two standouts were Rajon Rondo, joining the Chicago Bulls, once a hated rival, and Jamal Crawford, pulling a 180 and staying with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Changing Places

  • Not the most popular player among Chicago Bulls fans, Rajon Rondo joins the team to give them a strong backcourt but a very unclear direction. Rondo averaged 11.9 points and 11.7 assists per game last season in Sacramento, rebuilding his image, landing a two-year, $28 million contract

Staying Put

  • Jamal Crawford was on his way out, but the Clippers pulled him back in with a three-year, $42 million deal. Crawford averaged 14.2 points per game last season for the Clippers, and is likely to end his career with the team, unless something unlikely happens
  • Dwight Powell was a restricted free agent, but the Dallas Mavericks didn’t wait for someone to offer him something. They signed the 24-year old power forward to a four-year, $37 million deal, after he averaged 5.8 points and 4 rebounds per game last season

Restricted free agents

  • Earlier yesterday reports came out that Alan Crabbe received a four-year, $70 million offer sheet from the Brooklyn Nets. It’s probably untrue, as Crabbe is supposed to have meetings with at least two teams (Brooklyn, Lakers?) on July 5
  • A player the Nets have made an offer to is Tyler Johnson, the 24-year old shooting guard who played two seasons with the Miami Heat. He signed an offer sheet worth $50 million over four years, averaging 8.7 points per game last season
  • Maybe the biggest RFA in this class, Harrison Barnes signed a $95 million, four-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Now it remains to be seen if the Warriors will match it. They’re waiting for Kevin Durant
  • The Milwaukee Bucks signed Matthew Dellavedova on a four-year, $38 million offer sheet. The newly minted NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers now needs to see if the Cavs will match the offer


  • The Utah Jazz traded Trey Burke, who has been on the block for a while, to the Washington Wizards. The price? A second round draft pick, but only in 2021 if the reports are accurate
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