NBA Standings & Scores

A busy night of NBA basketball with some quality games, including a close win for the Cleveland Cavaliers at home against the run-and-gun Houston Rockets, the Golden State Warriors destroying the Portland Trail Blazers off a huge third quarter from Stephen Curry, and the Utah Jazz becoming the first team this season to beat the San Antonio Spurs thanks to their defense and a barrage of 3-pointers.

Kyrie Irving

Houston Rockets 120  Cleveland Cavaliers 128: The Cavaliers took control of the game midway through the fourth quarter (scoring 43 points in it), and a strong finish by Kyrie Irving pushed them to their fourth win since the start of the season. Irving finished with 32 points, Kevin Love scored 24 and LeBron James, who finished with a team-best +15, had 19 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists. The Rockets were great when James Harden played, awful when he wasn’t. He finished with 41 points and 15 assists, turning the ball over just once.

Orlando Magic 103  Philadelphia 76ers 101: The Magic won their first game of the season to keep the Sixers without a win despite kicking off the season to 3 home games. The Magic were already down by 18, but Evan Fournier tied the game at 101 and Serge Ibaka sealed it from the line. Nikola Vucevic dominated with 24 points and 14 rebounds, Ibaka finished with 21. Dario Saric led the Sixers with 21 points.

Los Angeles Lakers 108  Indiana Pacers 115: The Pacers get back to winning the moment they got back home, holding the Lakers scoreless in the final two minutes of the game to go on a 8-0 run. Paul George finished with 30 points, scoring the Pacers final 12. He had help from Monta Ellis, finishing with 17. The Lakers kept shooting poorly from the outside (21.4% on 28 attempts), with Lou Williams leading them, scoring 19 points off the bench.

Sacramento Kings 96  Miami Heat 108: The Heat got lucky the Kings didn’t win the game in regulation for some weird officiating calls, but completely dominated the Kings in overtime, outscoring them 17-5, which isn’t surprising considering DeMarcus Cousins fouled out. Goran Dragic scored 25 points, Tyler Johnson had 22, Dion Waiters finished with 20. Both DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay dropped 30 for the Kings.

New York Knicks 89  Detroit Pistons 102: A bad showing for the Knicks, who once again looked predictable, getting points from their big three (61 from Rose, Anthony and Porzingis) but just 2 from Joakim Noah. Tobias Harris carried on with his strong start to the season, scoring 25 points, helped out by Marcus Morris who finished with 22.

Milwaukee Bucks 117  New Orleans Pelicans 113: The Bucks hang on to the win despite blowing a double digit lead in the third quarter. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with 24 points, helped out by Jabari Parker with 21. Anthony Davis scored 35 points (17-of-18 from the line), but the Pelicans are 0-4 this season, 0-3 at home.

Memphis Grizzlies 80  Minnesota Timberwolves 116: Minnesota take advantage of the Grizzlies resting Marc Gasol and Mike Conley to get their first win of the season. Zach LaVine hit five 3-points to finish with 31 points, and Kris Dunn impressed in the lineup (Rubio is injured), scoring 10 points to go with 6 assists and 5 steals. Deyonta Davis led the Grizzlies with 17 points.

Utah Jazz 106  San Antonio Spurs 91: The Jazz became the first team to beat the Spurs this season, with a defense that held San Antonio to only 6 three-pointers, and allowed Kawhi Leonard (30 points) and LaMarcus Aldridge to do their thing, but no one else. The Jazz hit 15 three-pointers, led by 22 points from George Hill and 19 by Rodney Hood.

Golden State Warriors 127  Portland Trail Blazers 104: The Warriors have their first big win of the season, leaning on Stephen Curry and his 28 points, 23 of them coming in the third quarter, as the Warriors outscored the Blazers 41-20. Ian Clark scored 22 off the bench, hitting all his field goal attempts, and Kevin Durant scored 20; the Warriors shot 56.2% from the field. Damian Lillard led the Blazers with 31 points.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers401.0004
2Chicago Bulls301.0000.53
3Atlanta Hawks301.0000.53
4Boston Celtics21.6671.53
5Detroit Pistons21.6671.53
6Toronto Raptors21.6671.53
7Charlotte Hornets21.6671.53
8Miami Heat22.5002.04
9Milwaukee Bucks22.5002.04
10Indiana Pacers22.5002.04
11New York Knicks11.5002.02
12Brooklyn Nets13.2503.04
13Orlando Magic13.2503.04
14Washington Wizards02.0003.02
15Philadelphia 76ers03.0003.53

Western Conference Standings

1Los Angeles Clippers301.0003
2Oklahoma City Thunder301.0000.03
3San Antonio Spurs41.8000.05
4Golden State Warriors31.7500.54
5Portland Trail Blazers22.5001.54
6Houston Rockets22.5001.54
7Utah Jazz22.5001.54
8Memphis Grizzlies22.5001.54
9Sacramento Kings23.4002.05
10Denver Nuggets12.3332.03
11Minnesota Timberwolves12.3332.03
12Los Angeles Lakers13.2502.54
13Dallas Mavericks03.0003.03
14New Orleans Pelicans04.0003.54
15Phoenix Suns04.0003.54
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