NBA Scores & Standings

The Indiana Pacers pull off a big road win, their first of the season, in Oklahoma City of all places, not letting a Russell Westbrook triple double or the absence of Paul George hurt them. The Chicago Bulls also came out with a big road win on the West Coast, dominating the Los Angeles Lakers behind Jimmy Butler scoring 40 points.

Atlanta Hawks 94  New York Knicks 104: Maybe the most impressive win for the Knicks this season, getting a big 31 points from Carmelo Anthony, while Kristaps Porzingis helped out with 19 and 11 rebounds. The Hawks were held to just 28.6% from beyond the arc.

Portland Trail Blazers 129  Brooklyn Nets 109: The Nets lose their fourth in a row, still playing without Jeremy Lin, which meant not enough firepower to cope with 33 points by C.J. McCollum, 19 from Evan Turner and 18 coming from Damian Lillard, who didn’t try to force things after realizing it wasn’t his night from long range. Brook Lopez scored 21 points for the Nets.

Indiana Pacers 115  Oklahoma City Thunder 111: The Pacers win on the road for the first time this season, overcoming a Russell Westbrook triple double to beat the Thunder in overtime. Jeff Teague had a big night with 30 points and Thad Young helped with 20, as the Pacers made the absence of Paul George something everyone forgot about, at least for one game.

Toronto Raptors 99  Sacramento Kings 102: The Raptors tied the game with a 3-pointer by Terrence Ross, but the officials claimed it didn’t beat the buzzer, and so the Kings escaped with a win. Rudy Gay scored 23 points and DeMarcus Cousins added 19 points in a difficult night for him. Kyle Lowry finished with 25 points, while DeMar DeRozan was just 3-for-15 from the field. 

Utah Jazz 91  Denver Nuggets 105: The Jazz lose their fourth in a row, shooting only 38.8% from the field. Jamal Murray continues with his impressive rookie campaign, leading the Nuggets with 18 off the bench. Wilson Chandler scored 17 and Jusuf Nurkic led the lineup players with 16 and 11 rebounds.


Chicago Bulls 118  Los Angeles Lakers 110: The Bulls pull off a very impressive win in Los Angeles, led by 40 points from Jimmy Butler, who took over for Dwyane Wade while the oldest player on the team rested. Isaiah Canaan helped out with 17 bench points, while the Lakers continued to show their defensive struggles, not to mention unable to overcome a cold shooting performance from D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson at the same time.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers 102.83312
2Atlanta Hawks 94.6921.513
3Charlotte Hornets84.6672.012
4Chicago Bulls95.6432.014
5Toronto Raptors 85.6152.513
6Boston Celtics76.5383.513
7Indiana Pacers77.5004.014
8New York Knicks67.4624.513
9Orlando Magic67.4624.513
10Detroit Pistons68.4295.014
11Milwaukee Bucks57.4175.012
12Miami Heat48.3336.012
13Brooklyn Nets49.3086.513
14Washington Wizards39.2507.012
15Philadelphia 76ers310.2317.513

Western Conference Standings

1Los Angeles Clippers *122.85714
2Golden State Warriors112.8460.513
3San Antonio Spurs *103.7691.513
4Memphis Grizzlies85.6153.513
5Houston Rockets85.6153.513
6Oklahoma City Thunder *86.5714.014
7Portland Trail Blazers87.5334.515
8Los Angeles Lakers77.5005.014
9Utah Jazz78.4675.515
10Denver Nuggets58.3856.513
11Sacramento Kings59.3577.014
12Minnesota Timberwolves48.3337.012
13Phoenix Suns410.2868.014
14New Orleans Pelicans410.2868.014
15Dallas Mavericks210.1679.012