NBA Standings & Scores

A short day of NBA action delivered three very dramatic games: The New York Knicks leaned on Kristaps Porzingis and Derrick Rose to beat the Portland Trail Blazers, Will Barton and Jamal Murray lifted the Denver Nuggets over the Chicago Bulls and Nick Young showed how much he’s changed this season with some clutch shooting in the Los Angeles Lakers victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Portland Trail Blazers 103  New York Knicks 107: For the first time this season, Derrick Rose came through big time in crunch time, hitting a huge 3-pointer. Most of the credit in general goes to Kristaps Porzingis, scoring 31 points in 40 minutes.

New Orleans Pelicans 112  Atlanta Hawks 95: A season going nowhere has really turned around for the Pelicans, winning four of their last five. The game was a blowout, but Davis knee has obviously got them worried. Tim Frazier led the Pelicans with 21 points, Terrence Jones helped with 17 off the bench, but there’s no doubt that the return of Jrue Holiday has put this team on the map. 

Chicago Bulls 107  Denver Nuggets 110: Two free throws from Will Barton lifted the Nuggets over the Bulls after Jimmy Butler made it a tied game at 107 all. Jamal Murray once again stood out for the Nuggets with 24 points off the bench, frankly looking like the leading candidate at the moment for rookie of the year. Jimmy Butler scored 35 points and is incredibly hot at the moment, but it wasn’t enough with the bench giving the team close to nothing.


Oklahoma City Thunder 109  Los Angeles Lakers 111: The game came down to Nick Young hitting a 3-pointer to put his team on top with 5 seconds to go, finishing with 17 points, while Jordan Clarkson added 18 off the bench. The Lakers managed, just barely, without D’Angelo Russell. In the meantime, the Thunder had their usual dose of Russell Westbrook (34 points, 13 assists) carry them, but not leave a whole lot of others to step up.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers 102.83312
2Atlanta Hawks 95.6432.014
3Charlotte Hornets85.6152.513
4Chicago Bulls96.6002.515
5Toronto Raptors 86.5713.014
6Boston Celtics86.5713.014
7New York Knicks77.5004.014
8Indiana Pacers78.4674.515
9Milwaukee Bucks67.4624.513
10Orlando Magic68.4295.014
11Detroit Pistons69.4005.515
12Miami Heat49.3086.513
13Washington Wizards49.3086.513
14Brooklyn Nets49.3086.513
15Philadelphia 76ers410.2867.014

Western Conference Standings

1Los Angeles Clippers 132.86715
2Golden State Warriors122.8570.514
3San Antonio Spurs 113.7861.514
4Memphis Grizzlies95.6433.514
5Houston Rockets95.6433.514
6Oklahoma City Thunder 87.5335.015
7Los Angeles Lakers87.5335.015
8Portland Trail Blazers88.5005.516
9Utah Jazz78.4676.015
10Denver Nuggets68.4296.514
11Sacramento Kings59.3577.514
12New Orleans Pelicans510.3338.015
13Minnesota Timberwolves49.3088.013
14Phoenix Suns411.2679.015
15Dallas Mavericks211.15410.013
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