NBA Scores & Standings

A day of surprises around the NBA, the biggest of them being the Brooklyn Nets, led by a rampant Sean Kilpatrick, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 127-122. The San Antonio Spurs looked completely flat at home against the Orlando Magic, while the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to show up as they were swept aside by the Milwaukee Bucks, led by a fantastic Giannis Antetokounmpo.


Detroit Pistons 112  Charlotte Hornets 89: Kemba Walker was the only one who showed up, while Nicolas Batum and Frank Kaminsky III combined to have a brick-fest kind of performance. Tobias Harris finished with 24 points to lead the Pistons, who remain one game below .500. Marcus Morris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope each added 18 points.

Los Angeles Clippers 122  Brooklyn Nets 127: A weird game, and not just because the Nets actually ended their losing streak against one of the best teams in the NBA, but because of how it developed, ending with Doc Rivers getting tossed out of the game for a double technical. Brook Lopez was terrific with 27 points, but the big surprise was Sean Kilpatrick, who didn’t shoot that well (14-for-34 from the field) but finished with 38 points and 14 rebounds to stop the Nets losing streak at 7.

Cleveland Cavaliers 101  Milwaukee Bucks 118: The Cavaliers will have games like this. Despite everyone focusing on J.R. Smith talking to Jason Terry on one of the plays while the Bucks were scoring behind his back, it was much more than just his lack of effort. On the other side, Giannis Antetokounmpo had a huge performance with 34 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals, showing exactly why this franchise is hanging so many hopes on his shoulders.

Los Angeles Lakers 88  New Orleans Pelicans 105: The Pelicans are looking more and more like a team that still has something to play for this season, led by 41 points from Anthony Davis, getting assistance in the form of 22 points by Jrue Holiday. The Lakers shot just 5-for-30 from beyond the arc and in their system, they can’t win like that. Julius Randle was their highest scorer with 12 points.

Orlando Magic 95  San Antonio Spurs 83: Probably the worst performance we’ve seen this season from the Spurs, shooting just 36.8% from the field and not getting much beyond the 21 points from Kawhi Leonard. The Magic’s size made a difference, as Serge Ibaka, Bismack Biyombo and even Nikola Vucevic made it difficult to score again, while Ibaka also carried the offense with 18 points.

Houston Rockets 101  Utah Jazz 120: One of those games that makes you think of the Jazz as more than just a fringe playoff team in the West. James Harden scored 26 points but shot 8-for-23 from the field, unable to get into his rhythm thanks to the Jazz fantastic defense. Gordon Hayward was difficult to handle, scoring 31 points, while Rudy Gobert finished with a 16 points, 14 rebounds double double, looking as dominant as ever.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Cleveland Cavaliers 133.81316
2Toronto Raptors 116.6472.517
3Chicago Bulls106.6253.016
4Boston Celtics107.5883.517
5Charlotte Hornets 108.5564.018
6Atlanta Hawks108.5564.018
7Indiana Pacers99.5005.018
8Milwaukee Bucks88.5005.016
9Detroit Pistons910.4745.519
10New York Knicks89.4715.517
11Orlando Magic711.3897.018
12Washington Wizards610.3757.016
13Miami Heat512.2948.517
14Brooklyn Nets512.2948.517
15Philadelphia 76ers414.22210.018

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors 162.88918
2San Antonio Spurs 144.7782.018
3Los Angeles Clippers145.7372.519
4Memphis Grizzlies117.6115.018
5Houston Rockets117.6115.018
6Oklahoma City Thunder 118.5795.519
7Utah Jazz118.5795.519
8Portland Trail Blazers910.4747.519
9Los Angeles Lakers910.4747.519
10Denver Nuggets710.4128.517
11Sacramento Kings711.3899.018
12New Orleans Pelicans712.3689.519
13Minnesota Timberwolves512.29410.517
14Phoenix Suns513.27811.018
15Dallas Mavericks313.18812.016
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