NBA Rumors – San Antonio Spurs Interested in Signing Sam Young

The San Antonio Spurs are looking for a player to fill their roster with 15, and Sam Young, a forward who spent last season with the Indiana Pacers, is close to being the guy to fill up their quota.

The Spurs have been loading up on former Pacers this offseason, adding assistant coach Jim Boylan from Indiana and also Jeff Pendergraph. Young, who was part of a bench unit that was considered a huge weakness for the Pacers in their series against the Heat last season, might be the third to join San Antonio.

Sam Young

For now, there’s no rush on the Spurs’ end to make a decision. They have a pretty solid roster already, and don’t want to rush as they choose player number 15 on their team. Young averaged only 2.8 points and 2.2 rebounds on 12.4 minutes a night last season, as his scoring numbers and usage ratio keep dropping from the moment he entered the NBA in 2009.

Young is a solid defensive small forward, nothing more. According to the, the Spurs aren’t the only team looking into the option of adding him to their roster, but he has already met with the Spurs, which means they are closer than anyone else to adding him.

Money isn’t the issue, because Young, a second round pick by the Memphis Grizzlies in 2009 (also played for the Philadelphia 76ers later on) after a nice Junior and Senior year at Pitt, won’t be getting better than a minimum deal, which was his contract through his first four seasons in the league.

A little rebounding, a little scoring in the paint, a bit of defense. That’s what should be expected from Young for the Spurs or any team that signs him. Good enough for a guy who is on the edge of your bench, at best, but anything more would be putting too big of a role on a very limited player.

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