NBA Rumors – Atlanta Hawks Might Keep Jeff Teague Instead of Sign Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis

Jeff Teague, Brandon Jennings

Even though Jeff Teague signed an offer sheet from the Milwaukee Bucks, being a restricted free agent means the Atlanta Hawks still have a short time to match the offer, as they’re considering keeping him instead of adding either Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis.

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks have been trying to work out a sign & trade deal that involves either of the Bucks’ guards and Teague, but it’s not really happening, and it seems the Hawks have moved past that option, now considering keeping Teague, or letting him walk, which still gives them the option of signing Monta Ellis or Brandon Jennings as free agents.

Jennings, like Teague, is a restricted free agent, who hasn’t been getting a lot of attention from teams who aren’t that impressed with his averages due to his shoot-first mentality as a point guard, and almost lack of development as an all-around player since his first season in the NBA.

Monta Ellis has been getting plenty of attention, but not the kind he thought he would. He gave up three-seasons and $36 million from the Bucks in order to pursue a better deal, but even if there are teams who’ll give him a four-year contract, it’s not going to be for anything more than what the Minnesota Timberwolves signed Kevin Martin for, which is a four-year deal  and $30 million.

It seems the Hawks are going to decide on either Jennings or Teague, and leaning more and more towards the player they’ve had for the past four seasons, developing into a very effective point guard last season, averaging 14.6 points and 7.2 assists per game.

Jennings is obviously the more entertaining player to watch, but takes a lot more bad shots and is a worse defender, simply for lacking interest on the defensive end most of the time. Teague is more effective on defense and usually makes better decisions, even if he is a little bit more “boring” to watch.

The Hawks don’t need excitement. They need good players who do what’s best for the team. Jennings will probably cost more than the $8 million a season they’ll need to keep Teague with the team, but won’t improve the team by much, or at all.

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